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An extension to Visual Studio 2012 that can greatly simplify DGML dependency graphs.

In Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate you can generate a "top-down" diagram of the dependencies between the assemblies associated with each of the projects in the currently loaded solution. For solutions involving many projects these diagrams can be quite complicated.

I have built a simple extension for VS that adds a command to the Tools menu to apply a "Modular Decomposition" to the current DGML document. For larger solutions this can lead to much cleaner diagrams. For example, the following is the diagram generated for NDatabase, and then what it looks like after applying the DGMLPosterView command:


The extension makes use of a perl script (compiled into a standalone binary using pp), which uses the graph::ModularDecomposition module.

The extension is called "Poster View" because maybe the end goal is to produce the kind of "architecture stack" style view that seem to be common on posters about software systems, like this.

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